Cranial Harmonizer®


Gently shaping baby’s head

Cranial Harmonizer®

Effective helmet therapy, without pressure

Severe asymmetries may not only constitute an aesthetic impairment, but can also lead to disturbed growth of the visceral cranium. If the diagnosis finds the deformity is due to positioning, helmet therapy promises completely natural success.

The Cranial Harmonizer® from Giglio Orthopédie SA results in symmetrical head and jaw growth in the first year of life.


No lengthy adjustment or plaster casts.

No pressure.

No pain.

No restriction of the baby’s urge to move.

A result that lasts a lifetime is achieved within a few weeks or months.

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gentle, balanced self-correction


Helmet therapy enables the baby’s head to grow into the ideal shape by itself. Progress can be measured accurately at any time using state-of-the-art technologies and highly precise procedures, giving parents rapid reassurance of the therapy’s success – a great feeling! Doctors and orthopaedic technicians work hand in hand during the therapy.


A change obtained with “Cranial Harmonizer”

A fast management (late 4th beginning 5th month) allows to make significant changes. Age, wearing time and growth are the three factors of success, but age is the most important.


A big THANK to Cassie and her parents for this photographic testimonial (result after 6 weeks)

Fitting: contact-free and relaxed

The helmet fitting is stress-free for parents and children: the child’s head is measured by orthopaedic technicians in just a few seconds by means of a 3D scan that requires no direct physical contact. This harmless process uses structured light and involves no exposure to radiation. All of the data to manufacture a custom-fit helmet are collated in just a short time.


“All in white?” – Not necessarily!

Of course, a helmet can be a little disturbing at first sight, but this is less the case when it is colourful or decorated with cheerful motifs designed to appeal to children. Giglio Orthopédie SA has developed a proven water transfer printing process for the helmets and offers custom finishing on request.

Helmets: high-precision production through 3D printing

The orthopaedic technicians at Giglio Orthopédie SA produce the helmet individually for each baby according to exact measurements. The asymmetry is defined according to international standards; the head is then modelled virtually using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology. The specialists then produce the helmet in the Geneva workshop using 3D printing.

Comfortable to wear and easy to clean

3D printing enables us to make a helmet from especially thin, lightweight material that is still durable. The hypoallergenic 3D padding inside can be easily removed and washed – which is a big plus for parents. The special surface of the material also ensures air is able to circulate to the baby’s skin constantly and moisture is removed, preventing skin irritation.

"Our child accepted the helmet immediately and never tried to take it off."

"The measurement and fitting were completely trouble-free – in part because the orthopaedic technicians from Giglio Orthopédie SA are so caring with little ones."

"It’s great that the helmet is so light and so easy to clean:

it’s nice for both our child and for us as parents."

"The results are apparent so quickly – which gives us as parents the great feeling that we’re doing the right thing."

"Our daughter got her helmet at nine months – and was really proud of it, to our delight and relief. It’s so light that she barely seems to notice it."

Giglio Orthopédie:

an innovative, reliable partner

Doctors can refer their young patients directly to Giglio Orthopédie SA. In doing so, they can rely on an experienced partner who has been leading medical and technical innovations for 20 years.


Because the helmets are 3D-printed on site in Geneva, delivery times are short: therapy can begin just one week after measurement. This efficiency and the excellent price-performance ratio mean that we also regularly supply customers abroad.



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Giglio Orthopédie produces the Cranial Harmonizer helmet

only under medical prescription.


You can go to one of the specialized medical centre in the following list

to obtain the prescription:


Dr. Sarrafzadeh Asita, PD

Dr. Bartoli Andrea

Dr. Sarrafzadeh Asita, PD

Dr. Kaplun Marc

Dr. Melis Karyn

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